The Benefits Of Sex For The Elder Generation


Sex is much more than just a way to enjoy yourself and reproduce. As you grow older, sex can actually improve your health and cause you to live longer. Scientists have carried out research on the effects of having sex when you are over 50 years old and here are some of the benefits of sex for those over 50:

A Better Nights Rest

According to the research carried out, when you have sex, you release a hormone which is known as the cuddle hormone or rather oxytocin. High levels of this hormone will reduce stress and induce relaxation. While many older people suffer from insomnia, those who regularly engage in sex actually sleep better and feel more relaxed because sex reduces the amount of the stress hormone which is usually the reason people fail to sleep.

Improves Blood Flow

When you have sex, blood flows to the sexual organs and this overall will improve the circulation of blood in the body. Also importantly for women, genital dryness can be kept at bay by having sex at least 3 times a week. Sometimes you may first have to get a bit of treatment as you approach menopause but after the treatment, having sex regularly will improve blood flow to the vagina and prevent genital dryness.

Shaves Off a Few Years

Couples who have active sex lives in their old age, tend to look as much as 10 years younger. A combination of things about having sex helps to keep people feeling and looking younger a lot of this is because when you have sex you are happier and happy people look younger most of the time.

Reduces the Risk of Prostate Cancer

For men over 50, it is a good practice to “clean the pipes.” Regular ejaculation helps to reduce the buildup of cancer causing cells in the prostate glands so it is recommended that men have regular sex every week. Scientists recommend ejaculating at least 21 times a month.

Fewer Headaches

Sex is known to reduce the number of headaches. Older people tend to suffer from migraines but having sex will reduce the severity of migraines.

Other benefits include: Stronger relationship with your partner, a happier life, improved immunity and better mental stability.

Tips for a Better Sex Life Over 50

It may seem a bit of a challenge to enjoy sex when you are older but here are some ways you can make your sex life burn with a passion.

– First of all, you need to accept your age and the changes in your life but embrace them and make changes accordingly

– Today there are a number of herbs and medications that can boost your vitality in the bedroom, do not be afraid to try them but find out from a doctor if they are safe for you if you have other complication associated with age like heart problems.

– Exercise regularly. Exercise is important to keep you fit and to keep the blood flowing. Obviously do not overdo it

– Learn to communicate with your partner so that you know what they enjoy and you can tell them what you enjoy so that it is fun for the both of you

– Intimacy is key for enjoyable sex so touch more do not just go about pounding each other. Enjoy the presence of your partner.

– You are never too old to try out naughty sex toys so visit those sex shops and find what you think is fun.